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Vimshottari Dasha.

紫微斗數 Zi Wei Dou Shu

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Ziwei Dou Shu | Taught By Degrees Only

Tibetan Zodiac Signs. If you are willing to look at yourself openly, you can choose to shape your life differently -- and in this way create greater happiness and success. Knowing your chart will also assist in timing important events in your life. If you are curious about what life cycle you are currently experiencing, for a FREE small sample reading, just email me your name, birth date with hour, sex and city of birth.

Click here. If you would like to see a sample report of an anonymous client, please send me a request: Click here. My natal lifetime astrology readings are not a program, but a hand-compiled custom analysis. My charts use San He and Si Hua which include stars, plus the transforming stars.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars of Life - Children Palace, Wealth Palace, Health Palace

The reports are about 25 pgs. The reports can address any personal problem that may be troubling.


Click here to order your revealing Natal Lifetime analysis, be sure to include the city and time of birth. They would not consider making a major decision, whether it involved wedding, opening a business or building a house without considering the lunar calendar and consulting a fortuneteller, especially before TET.

They would always seek to know their future through a variety of divinatory means. Cholon is a good place to observe some occult practices in pagodas like Tam Son, so if you are interested, book our self-guided tour and come investigate the strange case of Dr.

Feng Shui 2 Bliss

The method he uses is apparently one of the most accurate amongst the many existing technics. Mid Autumn Festival in Saigon. September special offer in Phnom Penh! The legend of Phnom Penh. Urban Tales Phnom Penh says no to plastic!

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