Warren buffett astrology chart

Sun, the Karaka or significator of father is his 9 th lord and placed in its own house Leo in 9 th house from Lagna which indicates that he was born to a rich father who has been lucky throughout his life. Venus 6th lord of routine work, health, enemy, conflict, disease, debts is also co-owns 11 th house of income and gain is placed in the 10 th house along with mercury 7th and 10 th lord. Venus the main karaka of material prosperity, luxury, comforts of life, relationship with spouse and females is in virgo, debility of venus.

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Venus is also debilitated in Navamsa. Most of these companies do business in Travel, retail, Transport, food, restaurant, chemical while GEICO deals in automobile insurance. Now interesting moon, AL11 aspects its own house cancer.

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That tells about his profitable source of income. Moon is placed in 7 th from the Hora lagna while it aspects the 11 th from Arudha Lagna. Interesting thing to note in his chart is a debilitated Atma karaka venus in both Rasi and Navamsa chart.

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It is said that of AK is debilitated that person may suffer a lot in life, but it does not hold true here. Hora Lagna and Planets associated with it and 7 th from it tells about wealth.

Warren Buffett reveals his investment strategy and mastering the market

Blog Category Crime. Blog Category Sensitive news over 18 years. Paul Hewitt collection for the date and place; a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote to PT that a friend of his obtained the data from Buffett himself.

Planets aligned, but Buffett plays to his strengths, too

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Gender : M. From memory.

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    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart
    Warren buffett astrology chart

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