Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope

Who Is the Virgo - Male and Female

This is nothing like ours.. I have to be touching him.. Nothing like keeping it real, just come out with what it is. One thing about a Virgos we appreciate honesty and the truth. Besides what do you have to loose? Im married to a virgo man myself being virgo woman too fr 4 years.

Compatibility of Virgo Man and Virgo Woman

Yeah sometimes feel a lack of emotion in him,, but overall have a stable relationship and a very genuine strong trustworthy caring partner by mah side. Not only happy but lucky too. Things have been rocky between us lately. After reading the article I must say, this explains exactly us to a T. Until a yr ago our sex life was awesome. I care a lot about him, the lack of intimacy between us leaves me feeling lonely. The more I fuss the more he pulls away.

Has he gotten comfortable in the relationship or is it over? Try talking to him! Having seriously deep conversations about our differences always brings us closer. Virgos always enjoy a great exchange of meaningful words. Some Virgo men are very strong and caring, once they know that a woman will stick with him no matter what!

I will not regre it. We are the happiest couple?? I thought that he was the one. He would often tell me how beautiful my mother is. I thought that he was trying to charm me into to thinking we could grow old together. The other day he forgot his phone at my house when he went to work.. Neither of them know that I know. I was planning on confronting him but that was before I found out I was pregnant!! Dear Tanisha.

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You need a Scorpio. Scorpios never date older women. They are providers.

Although the down side is if you have a daughter a Scorpio might leave you for her. Unless your daughter is a Capricorn. In that case she will probably be a lesbian. Hope that helps. Good luck. My sisters baby daddy is a Scorpio and he is quite the catch. They are so perfect together. She a Capricorn. She thought she was a lesbian once and dated this chick shanaynay for a year. The Virgo I was dating for 4 months broke up with me today and him and my mom announced that they have been seeing each other behind my back and are expecting a baby!

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

What do I do?! There is already enough confusion in the family.. Any advice about my situation would be greatly appreciated! That they are far better. Any good astrologer would tell you that Sun signs is not used to assess compatibility. The position of Venus, its directional strength,its aspects,conjunctions determine relationship compatibility.

It has got nothing to do with sun sign. By manipulating this poor woman Tanisha who is nursing a broken heart, you are just giving reality to the rumor about you guys among st astrologer, that you Scorpios are deceptively manipulative and can go to any lengths to get what you want. I hope you mange to sort it out — you should probably talk to him first. You will not regre it? Unfortunately I know a Virgo-Virgo pair who divorced and had serious issues during their last years together.

But that can happen with any relationship of course. Virgo men have similarities but they differ with maturity and individual life experiences, so they were all different.


We got along but I could not stand them seeming to think they were millions of steps ahead of me. I often felt they missed the greatest part of this union which is we both understood our forever changing needs. I have never fallen completely so all of the break- ups have been rather bitter, except this last one with an August Virgo same birthdate as my sister , which I feel makes a difference.

It was this that caused the break up. With September Virgos the only issue is pushing each others buttons, which is hard to do if either feels attacked or at a disadvantage in an arguement. They are just as pick but much more laid back-outwardly anyway.

Usually will not engage in silly arguements or show they are upset. The next time he sees me will be in person.

Virgo Love Compatibility

They do not want a true meeting of the minds…unless they are right? I am involved with a Virgo man and I am a Virgo woman. We get along great…very good actually! We have a very strong emotional and physical attraction. No head games, no tit for tat. The only problem I could think of is that we both think way too much. Which prevents us from acting upon how we really feel but we have really good communication so in the end we nip issues in the butt before they really even become issues.

Virgo Love

He is always open to talk about any and everything as am I. When I talk he listens and actually hears what I have to say. We are ten years apart. He is 36 and I am We are both very critical of each other and he will definately call me out and likewise for me. He has a strong personality and so do I and we both have thick skin.

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  7. Very Blunt. The last guy I was with hated to do anything family related at all…So i love the fact that he is all about family especially since I have two very small children who are my entire world. He is a gorgeous man honestly… One thing that does frustrate me a little bit is that he does take very slow steps…and sometimes I feel like he is cautious to get too too close to me because he is afraid that I will hurt him. Good Luck Love Bugs. Iam a Virgo woman just started talking to a Virgo man for the first time. Iam not sure if he is the one Iam looking for love my soul mate someone I can have my first child with.

    He is insecure, nothing to do with Virgo. Libra wants to know that you have earned the kind of romantic devotion this airy sign is capable of giving to that one true love.

    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope
    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope
    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope
    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope
    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope
    virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope Virgo man and virgo woman love horoscope

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