Saral nepali horoscope

नेपाली‎ राशिफल / Rashifal in Nepali

The new year starts from the middle of april approximately 17th of the april. In Gregorian Calendar the days of the months are known but in nepali calendar its not the case i. The maximum number of days in a month in Gregorian calendar is 31, but in the Bikram Sambat nepali Calendar it can have upto 32 days.

Bikram Sambat Nepali calendar is mostly used in Nepal and India. We have introduced this calendar to provide exact english date to nepali dates calendar along with the festivals, Public holidays, Marriage dates , Bratabandha dates and date converter tools etc. Visit Nepali Calendar.

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Every human senses longs for its subjective happiness. For subjective pleasures, the planet activates the senses associated to it. The mind is affected by the demand from the sense. Hence, a certain work is based upon our fondness towards it.

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For a work, the mind takes approval from the soul. For the work and issues approved by the soul, our mind operates senses and subjects accordingly. The Rashifal of a person is the position at the moon during the time of his birth.

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According to the position of the dynamic planets in "Chandraraashi", there is a change in a person's interest, behaviour, health and situation. The willpower of Mind the Moon and the discrimination power of Soul the Sun are the major factors behind one's performance. The planets, that are indicator to the senses create a variety of circumstances. Human life is entangled in these circumstances.

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From birth till death, various situations that we face in life like growth and decline, happiness and sorrow, friend and enemy, affluence, scarcity, poverty, disease, state, esteem, children, family including all our specified actions are mobilized by the planets. The Rashifal presented here has been designed on the basis of classic opinions.

In particular, the various horoscope positions of the planets, their daily speed including circumstantial force, and by evaluating other planets "bedh-pratibedh", good and sinned vision and the impact, and mainly by the conclusion of the official texts "Brihatsanhita", "Muhurtachintamani", "Muhurtamartanda", "Phaladipika", "Jaatakaparijata", "Brihaddaivajnaranjanam", an effort has been made to make the horoscope reliable in a classical way. It helps to keep track of important dates, events and festivals in our own Nepali native language.

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saral nepali horoscope Saral nepali horoscope
saral nepali horoscope Saral nepali horoscope
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