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Kamalakar Gulik Mrityu Davagni Ghora Yama 36 Kantak Suddh PurnaCandr Vishadagdha Kulanas Vamshakshaya Utpat Saumya Sheetal Karaladamshtr Candramukhi Praveen Kaalpavak Dhannayudh Nirmal Krur Atisheetal Payodhi Brahman CandraRekha InduRekha. What does the d60 or shashtiamsa chart of rahul gandhi say about his past life karma? Let is check some more by the placement of moon or mind for sri rahul gandhi ji? The planet moon is in scorpio.

The person would entertain people and public and yes greenery would be loved by the person. Let us look at the same…. Toggle navigation. How to Calculate the Shastiamsa Divisional Horoscope? What are the ruling deities of Various Divisions? That is the 60th divisional chart D To calculate the Shastiamsa Lord ignore the sign position of a planet and take the degrees etc.

Multiply that figure by 2 and divide the degrees by Add 1 to the remainder, which will indicate the sign , in which the shastiamsa falls.

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For odd signs the names of Shastamsa divisions: 1. The reverse is the order for even signs starting from ChandraRekha,Brahman etc. Given the example chart, the person could be religiously inclined in past lives as well as Jupiter is exalted in Lagan.

The Shastiamsa Divisional Chart Or Varga Birth Chart D past life and birth - Astrozing

Due to aspect of Saturn on ascendant- he may have tendency towards being a sadhu or an ascetic as well. So he could be highly into spiritual life in past life as well. Rahu aspects Jupiter, so that means he might not been able to follow the path very well and rahu being in 7 th with moon suggests. He could have been anger prone and interested in opposite sex in past life as well.

All the above interpretations are confirmed by nadi jyotish as well, so the chart is accurate. Rahul gandhi has mercury or budha the lord for he ninth bhava or house it is sitting on Venus and in the fifth bhava getting very good energy from the past life again as fifth bhava also connects to good punya of past life.

This makes him or rahul gandhi very blessed and yes he is born in an illustrious family we know the Gandhi family. Mercury the past life karma lord is strong on Venus as the dispositer giving him full opulence and a creative mind and relatively quick mind to think about matters.

Budha or mercury means one may be born in tirtha sthala holy place or places like dwarka , rameshwaram, Mathura etc in the past life if born in India. Mercury is Also it could be maintaining discipline and time note he is Capricorn lagna. The ascendant for sri rahul gandhi ji is shravana. This division is ruled by yama the GOD of death. There could be moral duties and responsibilities that rahul gandhi ji has for the nation we all know. Shravana gives him the basic scholarly by nature that is a non materialistic type and would do religious work.

He also has a good character and be well known. Rahul gandhi may live away from birth place he also would have a charitable and a kind nature. Now let us look at more specific characteristics of rahul gandhi ji with sub nakshatras or stars and connect this d60 or shastiamsa and yes shravana nakshatra for him.

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Now let us check this with nakshatra and see the whole story. Jyeshtha nakshatra makes him Honored,intent on their dharma he or rahul gandhi would have good writing skill smooth and respected. Rahul gandhi may also have many friends and be well like. Rahul gandhi just like his great grandfather pundit jawahar lal Nehru may have love for children and be well liked. Now this division of the d60 is payodhi or ocean of milk , heads of institutions.

This clearly suggests that he had opulence in his past life and was a leader of various institutions in his previous incarnation as well. One carries the seed tendencies of past life to this life time for sure. Saturn or shani the lord of d60 with rahu, makes him hardworking and non conventional plus a person who would work for the society for sure.

Section 3 tells you where you can go to get a free chart online. This article outlines what parts of the chart to examine for karma and past life information. It does not, however, give you an interpretation of your results. For that you will need to have one or more good resource books from the list at the end of this article. A reincarnating soul does not run through the signs of the zodiac or phases of the Moon in consecutive order. You will find that: 1. Your current Moon sign is your past Ascendant sign 2. Your current Ascendant sign is your past Sun sign 3. Your current Sun sign is your future Ascendant sign.

To interpret your Life Lesson, note: 1. The South Node 2. The Life Themes. To interpret your current Life Themes from your chart, note: 1. Multiple planets in a house, especially 3 or more called a stellium 3. Any planets that are in a conjunct aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or the personal planets.

Read About Your North and South Nodes:

Note that looking at the chart for past life information does not necessarily mean you are looking at issues of your most recent past life with the exception of the 12th House. The information on your chart is most likely related to the past life whose karma you chose to work through in this life. Hence, the reason you chose the very moment to be born: when the stars and planets were perfectly aligned.

We do not always work on karma in a linear fashion. Here is a more comprehensive list of astrological correlations to past lives and karma:. It is the Sun and Ascendant sign that indicate the primary purpose of a given incarnation. It is the starting point in your life. It is what your soul has chosen to do in this lifetime. The South Node symbolizes multiple past incarnations and represents unresolved wounds, tragedies, limitations, and failures, which could interfere with your ability to fulfill your soul contract in this lifetime.

The sign of the South Node indicates who you were and what your soul contract was in the past.

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  • The house of the South Node indicates information on the physical scene of your past life. The sign and house of the North Node symbolizes the characteristics of your current life task. The North Node represents the future and points to paths to travel for growth. The North Node is the growth path required to clear this karmic pattern.

    People who push your emotional buttons often have nodal connections between your chart and theirs. These prenatal eclipses have a profound influence you and the energy pattern follows you throughout your life. The Solar Eclipse sign determines what your gift to teach others is. The Lunar Eclipse sign indicates the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime. An unoccupied house indicates that this is an area of life that is not relevant in your current life.

    Astrology can read your Past Life deeds by Dr Dharmesh M Mehta

    You may have already completed the karma of learning from that house in past lifetimes or you will deal with this house in future incarnations. The 7th and 8th Houses are the relationship houses and can show relationship karma. The 7th House covers all aspects of relationships including lovers, marriage, business, and enemies from both the past and present. The 8th House is about how you give and share yourself with others. The planets in the 12th House and aspects to them, the sign on the 12th House cusp, and other signs in the 12th House provide information about your karma. The 12th House is considered a karmic house, a house that shows memories and unfinished business from past lives.

    A karmic debt or repayment is likely if one or more planets are found in the 12th House, especially if they are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto. The 12th House represents your 1st House traits from your previous life, which were your personality characteristics and which may be hidden in your current life. If the same sign is on the cusp of both the l2th and 1st houses, it may indicate what a continued existence, which means the previous life was interrupted before its purposes were fulfilled.

    Stellia point to significant issues regarding concerns, feelings, reactions, and drives with which you have dealt before and are coming up again in your current life.

    Your Birthday Holds Clues to Your Past Life

    A stellium also points to areas where you have had specific skills and talents in the past. These can be brought forward into your current life. The outer planets have a much stronger karmic influence on you. Outer planets positions when retrograde, intercepted, or involved with water houses correlate to groups of individuals who have chosen to reincarnate together and have similar issues. It indicates the time period in which you developed the spiritual and psychological foundations that provide the belief structure of your current life.

    If Saturn is involved in a karmic configuration, achievement is very important to you. If Mercury is involved in a karmic configuration, communication is very important to you.

    Know Your Past Life

    If Venus is involved in a karmic configuration, love and self-worth is very important to you. If Mars is involved in a karmic configuration, will, power, and physical activities are very important to you. If Jupiter is involved in a karmic configuration, social opportunity, luck, and reward are very important to you. If Uranus is involved in a karmic configuration, aliveness is very important to you.

    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology
    past life calculator vedic astrology Past life calculator vedic astrology

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