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Money coming from a number of sources is likely to raise your spirits. An uneventful day is foreseen on the work front. A youngster may start contributing to the family coffers through own earnings. Changed environment by undertaking a short journey will be beneficial. Tensions regarding property are set to disappear soon.

You can be a bundle of nerves on the academic front as you struggle to keep up. You will manage to overcome lethargy and make yourself health conscious. A big venture that you are contemplating will require good financial planning, before anything else.

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A workplace rivalry may prove upsetting and may affect your performance at work. Eating out with friends and family will be fun today. Travelling will help take your mind off depressing thoughts. Property is likely to give good returns. A social commitment may have to be honored, even if it means taking a break from work. Body aches and pains troubling you for the last few days will disappear. You hate losing money, but remember giving someone unconditionally is also an excellent investment. Your attempts to keep those who matter close will succeed and make you feel more secure on the career front.

You may crave for your own space at home and may even have a tiff with spouse on this account today. Driving around with friends is likely to give some a solid high.

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Investment in real estate is likely to get good returns, but not immediately. There are many imponderables in something that you are trying to undertake, so be thorough in whatever you do to avoid frustrations. An elderly may take some more time for total recovery. Cost cutting measures instituted by you are poised to bring instant results.

Things turn favorable at work as your performance is appreciated by higher ups.

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Changes on the home front that you are keen on may require the consent of those affected. Renting out property is on the cards. People are likely to throng your place today and keep you happily engaged. Love Focus: Cold vibes may be apparent on the romantic front, so do something to lighten the atmosphere. An injury or ill health is indicated for those indulging in outdoor activities. Financial advice becomes necessary for those thinking of big investments. You will manage to effectively tackle an unexpected situation arising at work today. Despite hectic schedule you will manage to find time for family. Using public transport will be much better today than driving your own vehicle as stars seem unfavorable.

Some property issues are likely to be resolved favorably. Libra You may plan a get together. A deadline looms on the horizon, so tighten your belt to meet it. Some professionals may feel stagnated and may not derive full satisfaction in their present circumstances. You may have to motivate someone to take your side through inducements.

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A good dose of relaxation will recharge you completely. Scorpio You will need to do something special to celebrate a special event, so get started right now. Clarify your position with superiors at work, before the blame game gets to you. A car or a dream house is about to become a reality for some. A drive to the countryside is likely to give you the thrills. Health front seems fine. Sagittarius An issue regarding property may be taken up by you once again in the right earnest. You may be invited over by someone you only had a passing acquaintance, so take your call.

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There is little hope of getting a raise that you were so keen on, but this should not deter you in pursuing the matter. On the fitness front, your efforts of coming back in shape succeed. Someone may appear rude and arrogant, but is loyal and trustworthy, so overlook his or her shortcomings. Some new ideas may come to you regarding a venture undertaken.

Blessings of a family elder will be reserved for you for your helpful nature. Create a serene and tranquil environment, if you want to retain focus on your studies. Aquarius You will find the going easy on the academic front.

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Your close associates may seek your advice, before starting on a new venture. A marriage proposal for the eligible may need to be weighed carefully. Give a serious thought to getting back in shape.

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    ht chandigarh horoscope Ht chandigarh horoscope
    ht chandigarh horoscope Ht chandigarh horoscope
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    ht chandigarh horoscope Ht chandigarh horoscope
    Ht chandigarh horoscope

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