Compatible zodiac signs with cancer

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Cancer woman and aquarius man love compatibility

This pair could build a dynasty and love every moment working together to create it. Cancer will expect Taurus to come charging in, but will be pleasantly surprised by the bull's sense of style and taking things slowly - at first. Taurus' sensual nature and deep appreciation for beauty will quickly win over the sensitive Cancer. The Bull's love of the finer things in life fits in with Cancer's appreciation for creating a home.

Together, this pair knows what they want, and they can have it all. This match moves along at a snail's pace. Virgo doesn't take risks, especially when it comes to love. Virgos want to be sure their Cancer partners are really as good as they seem. Time is the biggest tester of authenticity, and Virgo isn't in any hurry to rush into this relationship and create a situation where there is no way out. First things must come first, and understanding mysterious Cancer is the first priority.

ASTROGRAPH - Cancer in Astrology

The first thing Virgos notice is how much Cancer needs their help in getting life organized and prioritized. Once trust is established, the relationship will move steadily forward and can grow into a profound love of deep appreciation for each other.

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Cancer's emotions are always close to the surface. It only takes a very light scratching to find the wellspring of emotions that can scare off most air signs and extinguish passionate fire signs. On the flip-side, just the thought of being blasted with hot air makes Cancer cringe. So, it really helps to know what signs are compatible with Cancer before venturing into a relationship. If you're looking for clarity, visit Psychic Source for a Tarot reading or to speak with a psychic today!

All Rights Reserved. While Cancers can love just about anyone, they also need to be loved just as fiercely in return. Capricorns are hard-working and they uphold this trait in all aspects of their life, including relationships. Cancers and Capricorns can build a stable bond because they both understand and are willing to put in the effort in a relationship. These two are serious about their future. Capricorn and Cancer are opposite star signs, this type of yin-and-yang match is like two halves of a whole.

Libras are the life of the party.

If the Libra can understand how the Cancer works and assure their Cancer partner that while their attention may be separated, their loyalty is in one place, then this will be a romance straight out of a fairy-tale. Cancers are the most giving of signs and Virgos are not far behind them. These two will have a relationship all about doting on and showing love and affection to the other person, something they are both good at. No one gets a Cancer like another Cancer. Both Cancers and Taurus value money.

While Taurus is great at handling finances, Cancer is focused on building a stable future for their families i.

Cancer Compatibility and Water Signs

These are two people who love classic romance. Confident Taurus can even help introverted Cancer get out of their shell. Issues can come up with determined Taurus demands on things being their way and Cancer might get moody about this. Scorpios are insanely confident and possessive.

Cancer Love Compatibility

With these two, their differences seem to compliment each other rather than make things more difficult. The Taurus man and the Cancer female also have a great deal in common such as their cautious and methodical natures.

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Both provide a good home and are good with their finances. They will even get used to her mood swings and his stubbornness to stay together. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.


Gemini male is adventurous so he will help her to try new things. She will enjoy this aspect in the bedroom as well. He will also let her take the lead at times, when it comes to sex which she likes. To stay with her he will have to settle down and she will have to let him have some freedom. It is not an easy balance to accomplish a zodiac compatibility between Cancer woman and Gemini man.

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! He is a good provider and she is a great homemaker.

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Together they will have a successful life. The Cancer woman and Cancer man in bed are a big hit He makes her feel like the only woman in the world and she responds sensually as he likes.

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The only problem is that their emotions can get the better over them and there is no calm one to mediate. They may get heated and retreat into their shells but if they communicate they can go back to their peaceful harmony. The Leo can serve as a solid foundation for her to land on when she is feeling insecure or emotional. The Cancer female would rather be an equal partner than a submissive damsel in distress. He also needs a lot of attention, sometimes from more than just her. They will need to work together to make their relationship a success with better love compatibility.

Try The Quiz Now!! However he can also come off as cold and detached if he is not careful because he is just not as sentimental as she is. He also needs some space of his own which she has to try to understand.

compatible zodiac signs with cancer Compatible zodiac signs with cancer
compatible zodiac signs with cancer Compatible zodiac signs with cancer
compatible zodiac signs with cancer Compatible zodiac signs with cancer
compatible zodiac signs with cancer Compatible zodiac signs with cancer
compatible zodiac signs with cancer Compatible zodiac signs with cancer

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