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According to Annabel G, rap is a great go-to for Gemini-born people because it's lyrically driven, and also has a steady beat. Ambient Mixer noted that the twins also love to dance. If they can find music with strong lyrics, and a good dance beat because, the twins Gemini is all in. Some Gemini-born musicians include the late Notorious B. Those born under Cancer tend to not only love music , but make a career or hobby of it as well.

Cancers are loyal, loving, and emotional, Ambient Mixer noted. The crab trends toward music that reminds them of childhood, or invokes emotion. Leo is basically the look-at-me sign of the zodiac, so Leo-born people love music they can sing along to , belt out during karaoke night, and many Leos have an affinity for musicals, Ambient Mixer noted. It's no surprise that one of the most attention-grabbing musicians in history, Madonna, is a Leo. Analytical Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet responsible for communication. While earthy Virgos enjoy ambient music like Moby, they also crave meaningful lyrics and tend to favor singer-songwriters that span a wide variety of tastes.

Libra, one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, loves to be in love.

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An air sign that thrives on communication, Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet responsible for beauty, music, and love. The musical taste of Libra trends toward lyrical love songs. A Libra needs to find meaning behind the lyrics in order to connect with the music. Libra-born musicians like Gwen Stefani, Bruno Mars, and the late John Lennon are all good choices for this romantic sign.

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Scorpio-born people are known for their intensity, and music is no exception. Scorpios favor introspective music.

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If you want to go clubbing, bring along a Sagittarius. This fire sign loves to dance all night long, and gravitates toward high energy music. However, don't let a Sagittarius be in charge of music at a party.

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Capricorn-born people love both dark gothic music , and anything retro, Annabel G told Jones. Blige and Marilyn Manson. Aquarius is the person who is always jamming to something you've never heard of, and shoving bootleg CDs into your hand from the latest indie techno musicians. Pisces-born people love music that provides them an escape from every day life. These are the people most likely to follow bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, or be a regular on the rave or Burning Man scene. Astrological Profile Cancer Horoscope People bearing the Cancer sign are so loving, you can almost consider them emotional.

Cancers make up the greater part of caring folks on this earth. They cherish family and friends dearly and are usually doting pet owners too. They are also highly creative and make gifted artists or designers.

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Cancers have a wonderful imagination and tend to gravitate to artistic environments where they can express their talents. Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are also very industrious and can work all day long.

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Other positive traits include being brave, innovative and energetic. Cancers are also cautious people who will never be caught doing anything rash or dangerous, and they never venture into anything without conducting a thorough background research on the subject first. On the downside, they can be over-emotional and hypersensitive.

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Cancer horoscope art

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