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Down by the riverside the green grass grows, Where someone walks, some tiptoe. She sings, she sings so sweet, She calls over to someone across the street. Tea cakes, pancakes, everything you see, Meet me at the park at half past three. Early in the morning, about eight o'clock, What should I hear but the postman's knock. A, B, C, D.

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Grace, Grace dressed in lace. Went upstairs to powder her face. How many boxes did it take? Gypsy, gypsy Please tell me. Hello, hello, hello, sir.


Meet me at the grocer. No, sir. Why, sir? Because I have a cold, sir. Where did you get the cold, sir? At the North Pole, sir. What were you doing there, sir? Counting polar bears, sir. How many did you count, sir? Here am I, little jumping Joan; When nobody's with me I'm always alone.

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Hickety Pickety Pop, How many times before I stop? How do you spell Mississippi? M cross arms over chest I point to your eye Crooked letter cross legs and jump Crooked letter cross legs and jump I point to eye Hunch back Hunch back I! I asked my parents for 15 cents, To see the platypus jump the fence. She jumped so high she touched the sky, And didn't come back till the Fourth of July. I asked my mother for fifty cents To see the elephant jump the fence.

He jumped so high he touched the sky, And never came back till the Fourth of July Jump higher and higher. I can do a polka, I can do a split, I can do a tap dance, just like this! I eat my peas with honey, I've done it all my life. It looks a little funny. But it keeps them on my knife. How many peas can I get on my knife?

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I had a little brother And his name was Johnny. He played in the meadow where the frogs croaked funny. He ran through the meadow With a song on his tongue, And he picked a few flowers Just for fun. How many flowers did he find? I know a boy and he is doubled-jointed, He gave me a kiss and I was disappointed. How many kisses did I get last night?

I know a little lady But her name is Miss.

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She went around the corner To buy some fish. She met a little fellow And she gave him a kiss. I like coffee, I like tea. I love coffee, I love tea.

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I love the boys And the boys love me. I like coffee, I like tea, I like sitting on Bobby's knee. Salute to the king and bow to the queen, And turn your back on the gypsy queen. I made a wish jumping rope, I caught a fish jumping rope, I gave a kiss jumping rope, How many wishes fishes, kisses did I get? Ice cream soda, lemonade, punch; Spell the initials of my your honey bunch. If bubble gum is free, free, free, Please give some to me, me, me. I am clever, not a dunce, How many can I chew at once? One, two, three. I'm a little Dutch girl Dressed in blue.

Here are the things I like to do: Salute to the captain, Bow to the queen, Turn by back On the submarine. I can do the tap dance, I can do the split, I can do the holka polka Just like this. I went downtown To see Ms. The flower was dead, she gave me a tack.

The tack was sharp, she gave me a harp. The harp was broke, she gave me a cloak. The cloak was tight, she gave me a kite. The kite away flew, and I did too. Player runs out at too. Ink, ink, a bottle of ink, The cork fell off and you stink. Not because you're dirty, not because you're clean, Just because you kiss the girls behind the magazine!

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Ipsey Pipsey, tell me true, Who shall I be married to? Jelly in the dish, Jelly in the dish, Wiggle-waggle Wiggle-waggle Jelly in the dish.

Lady, lady, touch the ground, Lady, lady, turn around. Turn to the east, and turn to the west, And choose the one you like the best. Lady, lady show your shoe, Lady, lady, now skidoo! Ladybug, Ladybug, turn around, Ladybug, Ladybug touch the ground. Ladybug, Ladybug shine your shoes, Ladybug, Ladybug read the news. Ladybug, ladybug, how old are you? One, two, three, four. Landon in the White House Waiting to be elected. Rosevelt in the garbage can, Waiting to be collected. Lemon drops and sugar candy, Both of these taste just dandy.

australian number 13 song on your birthday Australian number 13 song on your birthday
australian number 13 song on your birthday Australian number 13 song on your birthday
australian number 13 song on your birthday Australian number 13 song on your birthday
australian number 13 song on your birthday Australian number 13 song on your birthday
australian number 13 song on your birthday Australian number 13 song on your birthday

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