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Keep nurturing. Keep taking care of our bodies, and keep diving deep into our emotions. Both signs are Fixed. They show us the value of persistence.

They remind that we must keep digging in to achieve progress. It is our body, house and resources. It is our natural talents. Taurus teaches us how to stay alive AND that we deserve to be alive because our talents are of value. This sign yearns to impart the wisdom of abundance.

When Taurus is afflicted, it can cause us to fear scarcity until we remember our inherent worth. Taurus done right is as steady and stable as bedrock. Scorpio is merging. Scorpio reaches out to understand the emotions of the other person. Because of this inter-personal sharing of emotions.

Scorpio rules both control and letting go. It can be hard to surrender control for the purpose of emotional, physical, and spiritual union. You must let go so that you are light enough to move into the next stage of your evolution. Scorpio reminds us that there must be destruction before we can break open to progress. When the Taurus understanding of self-worth and abundance is intact, Scorpio is secure enough to easily let go of competitive control and merge. This is the gestalt of the two signs. We can do the Taurus things. We can believe in our own personal strength.

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We can own our part in this, by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We must use our resources to create positive change. We must use our bodies to resist. We must build safe-houses for people who need physical, emotional or psychological shelter. We can look into the eyes of the murderer and see the humanity within. We can gaze boldly into our shadow.

We can let go of control and feel our feelings. We can notice if fear is encouraging us to be controlling. We can forgive when we are ready.

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There is quick movement, changes are happening within all of us on microscopic levels. We must be very aware of change. We must remember that there is a flow of progress. Sometimes this flow comes so erratically that it feels as if we are drowning. It can be hard to see further down the river. The Moon in Taurus wants us to stay the course and Uranus in Aries asks us to jump ship in search of a better way.

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Find your leadership within yourself. Find your true course.

Sagittarius Daily Tarot Reading

It is the course of your heart. Follow that river loyally, even if the destination is unknown and the waters are choppy. A healing is welling up from deep within. As the puss of our wounded nation pools around us, so does the healing salve become available. We could never move forward without seeing clearly the ills of our society.

The wounds of our history have festered. We must now make a thorough examination, and through this practice, heal ourselves. The only folly comes from refusing to look. In a safe and quiet space, ask yourself what you are refusing to see. Make this query into a prayer. Below are suggested areas of self-inquiry for each sign.

If you know what house in your birth chart 22 degrees Taurus is in, also read for that house.

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Aries or 2nd House What is the one thing on which you know you want to take a stand? How can you use your natural talents to do so? This is something that makes you unique. Can you see yourself guiding others to master this same struggle? Gemini or 12th House What have you been refusing to see when it comes to your relationships?

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The world around you? Cancer or 11th House What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Can you add more detail to the picture? Who can you reach out to? Leo or 10th House Do you feel empowered to have the career of your dreams? If not, what belief stands in your way? Libra or 8th House Are there any feelings that you have been stubbornly holding onto? Is there room for movement now around this issue?

Tarot 2020: The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards

Write it down in list form. Notice what different words and ideas come to mind when you contemplate what relationship means to you. Sagittarius or 6th House Can you pinpoint the potential cause of overwhelm in your life? Write a list of simple things you can do to address this, and commit to tackling one per day. Capricorn or 5th House Experiment with different mediums for self-expression.

Write some ideas down. If any feel like positive affirmations, read them out loud to yourself before you go to sleep. Pisces or 3rd House Collect facts that can help you ease your mind. As you consume media and news, ask if what you are taking in is improving your mindset. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Sandra here or follow her on Instagram.

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  6. High vibe festivals are everywhere. Or is there? You can do yoga , celebrate sacred adornments, and then go to a Kink workshop. Amazing, right? AR: How did the idea for Mothership emerge? Women thrive when we unite and work together. We learn from each other and we empower one another. I knew that if I created something fun—with a side of empowerment—there would be an audience for that. This is the era of a fresher, more inclusionary feminism, and I really want to have a hand in building that.

    But our participants all have an appreciation for idea exchange, art and letting loose. AR: What are your wildest hopes for the weekend?

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    LW: My personal goal is that everyone leaves with a little less shame and self-doubt, and a little more personal pride. LW: Gosh I really want to brag about everyone involved, I am stunned at the level of awesome-ness! I myself was in the deep throes of having let my shadow out to speak her voice at Burning Man, having been silenced for months. Coach Perri Gorman. Intuitive wizard Luke Simon. As a result I was oozing blood onto everything in my life. But when they come knocking we have to answer.

    We put on happy faces left and right and keep our shadow tucked away.

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